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Instruction of Installment of Ornamental Slabs, STEGU®


Ornamental slabs DÉCOR are decorative elements, complementary elements of elevation slabs and are produced on a base of modeled plaster as well as manually painted. Slabs are best fastened on dry, cleaned, leveled and clearcole surface with the help of Elastic glue. From the back of the bas-relief it belongs to take of the dust and loose plaster, for the purpose of increasing the hold on to the wall. In addition it is possible to clearcole the back of the bas-relief with a water-soluble acrylic chemical for plastered surfaces. We put on the glue with a comb about the size of a tooth 4-6 mm, horizontally on the slab and vertically on the wall. Push down the slab evenly, easily moving it until the glue comes out of the sides. Next we support the slab with the help of worktop, or wooden patches. In case of multi-partial bas-relief the gluing should be started from the bottom, first plate should be supported for at least 24 hours. We can also glue with the help oh plaster glue, but the firm does not take charge of manner of installment and the quality of joint. Plaster glue does not guarantee enough of reliability, if certain principles are not obeyed.  Glue has to be put on the plaster slab evenly and directly on the wall before gluing with a 12mm comb. Each slab has to be supported for at least 72 hours because wet glue has only 30% of reliability. In the time of the next two days on no account may you touch the slabs because that will weaken the stickiness of glue. After a few days it is allowed to glue around the bas-relief with elevation slabs. Slabs of ornamental types, Ramzes, Anubis, Nefertiti, Nechebet, Amon-Re, Tayr, Echnaton, Tutanchamon, Afrodyta, Pacal, Apollo, Balam, and Jaguar are typical elements that are glued on the wall as one whole with elevation slabs- that is why they do not have any hanging elements for the wall.

Producer warns clients that the slabs do not have reinforcements to put a hook in the back and hang it on the wall. Big weight of the slab could lead to ripping of the hook and an accident.

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